Remember that book you read as a kid?  You know the one.  It had that guy in it.  Or maybe it was that girl. Actually, it was probably both.  And there was a mystery to solve!  They went on an adventure.  There was something magical about it.  And it all ended happily!  I think.  Anyway, it was something like that.

But, after all these years, it’s hard to remember exactly how it all went.  Now, the book is out of print.  You could probably find it somewhere, if you remember what it was.  Maybe you’d like a copy, or maybe you’d just like to remember exactly how it went.

There are a number of sites on the Internet now where you can submit descriptions of a book you’re looking for, as much as you can remember about it, and see whether or not anyone recognizes it.

This site is more the opposite.  I haven’t read all the books in the world, but I’m a notorious book hoarder, and I have a particular interest in children’s literature.  This is mostly an opportunity for me to talk about old favorites.  These aren’t the kind of books that are on award lists (for the most part), and most of them are long out of print, forgotten or half-forgotten by everyone except for me and a few other people who had fun reading them years ago.  Take a moment to think back on stories you loved as a kid, the ones that made you dream of being a detective, a dancer, an astronaut, or maybe a wizard, or maybe just made you wish you could go back in time to another place . . .

Most of the books I liked when I was young were mysteries, fantasies, or historical novels.  I might offer some spoilers if someone else remembers the story and wants to know how it ends or just wants more information about it.  If someone wants to recommend a book for discussion, let me know!


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