GhostCameAlive The Ghost that Came Alive by Vic Crume, 1975.

This creepy little book has been a favorite of mine for years!

Jenny Blair is a gloomy gus who often gets premonitions of impending doom, much to the annoyance of her siblings.  They poke fun at her pessimism, but some of those premonitions start to come true when her youngest brother falls ill on a family vacation to the beach and needs to be taken to the hospital.

Jenny and her twin brother, Chris, accompany their older teenage brother and sister as they start the long drive home while their parents tend to their younger brother at the hospital. On the way home, the kids accidentally become stranded during a storm and seek out help from a large old house that they had mistaken for a hotel. With a fallen tree blocking the road, the inhabitants of the house reluctantly agree to take them in until they can continue their trip home, but all of the kids can tell that there is something sinister about their hosts.  Miss Cliff makes it obvious that she resents the children’s presence, and Dr. Cliff is a peculiar kind of scientist working on . . .  something . . . in the basement.

GhostCameAlivePicThey tell the kids that the house is supposed to be haunted and people can often hear the ghost of Andrea Cliff calling out in the night.  The kids soon hear this spooky voice themselves, calling for help.  Trapped in the house with the ghost and unfriendly people, the Blairs decide that they have to figure out what’s really going on, but the danger is worse than they know, and Jenny’s premonition of doom is getting stronger all the time . . .

For those who like the Scooby-Doo style of mystery, where the “ghosts” turn out to be people, and there’s an explanation for everything . . . you’ll love this story.  The book also contains a few black and white illustrations.  This one is the scene where the kids hear the ghost’s voice for the first time.


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