MoreSFGAMore Stories from Grandma’s Attic by Arleta Richardson, 1979.

This is the second book in the Grandma’s Attic Series (I’ve only read two of them, although there are more in the series than that).  Like the first one, grown-up Mabel shares stories from her childhood with her granddaughter: short, humorous stories about life on a farm during the 1800s, often with a moral to them (the stories typically have Christian themes).  The stories are entertaining, thoughtful, and mention interesting details about life in the past.  Watch what happens when Mabel and her friend try to play “mother” to a piglet!  Also, is it possible that the doll Mabel found in the mud is actually . . . alive?


The stories in this book are:

MoreSFGAPic1The Nuisance in Ma’s Kitchen

Mabel helps to nurse an ailing baby goat, but when the goat is better, she has trouble accepting that it’s time for it to return to the barn with the other goats.

Grandma’s Sampler

Mabel learns that it’s better to be careful and to fix mistakes early when her over-confidence jeopardizes her chances of winning a contest with her sampler.

Mrs. Carter’s Fright

Mabel and Sarah Jane love babies!  They admire Mrs. Carter’s new baby so much when she comes to visit that they’re inspired to pick a “baby” of their own from a litter of piglets.  But, when they borrow Mrs. Carter’s baby carriage for their “baby,” they accidentally give everyone a fright!

When Grandma Needed Prayer

Young Mabel questions the need to pray on a busy morning, but when she and her friend get lost later, they come to understand the importance of being able to stop and pray.

The Stranger

A stranger comes to the farm and visits with them one day.  He seems to know them, and doesn’t introduce himself.  While he helps them with chores and spends a pleasant evening with them, no one is willing to admit that they don’t know who the man is.  Who is the mysterious stranger?

The Big Snow Storm

When Mabel’s Ma is sick during a big snow storm, the family doesn’t know how they’ll manage to get help for her.  But, ironically, the storm actually brings help to them.

Grandma and the Slate

Mabel’s brother, Roy, gets a new slate to write on for school.  Mabel admires it and wants to try writing on it herself, but Roy teases her that she’s just too young.  Then, when Roy makes a bargain with Mabel to give her the slate if she does something for him, he ends up getting more than he bargained for.

MoreSFGAPic2A Pig in a Poke

Grandma Mabel explains to her granddaughter that the word “poke” used to mean a bag or sack.  If someone bought a pig in a poke, it meant that they bought something sight unseen, not knowing exactly what they were going to get or what quality it would be. Young Mabel once saw her brothers do that the day they bought a trunk that had been locked for years because the key was lost.  Will their trunk contain a fabulous treasure or just a disappointment?

Grandma’s Day Off

Young Mabel persuades her mother to let her have a day with no chores and finds out that a life of leisure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

How News Spreads

When Mabel’s family hears that the girl Sarah Jane’s brother wants to marry is buying cloth for a wedding dress, Mabel and Sarah Jane get the wrong idea.


Mabel finds a doll lying in a mud puddle and brings it home to play with.  But, Charlotte turns out to be an unusual doll.  Wait, did she just move?!

The Slate Pencil

Mabel finds a lost slate pencil at school. Even though she knows who lost it, it’s a nice pencil, and she’s tempted to keep it for herself.

What Shall We Write About?

Mabel and Sarah Jane want to write exciting stories like the ones in the magazines, but they don’t have anything interesting to write about.  Then, Sarah Jane finds a diary that her cousin Laura left behind when she visited.  Could it be a source of story material?

The Cover-Up

Roy is punished for teasing Mabel by having to wash the dishes (since he told her that she was such a baby and couldn’t do it right).  He tries to hurry through the chore and ends up breaking one of the plates.  Is there any way he can keep everyone from finding out?

MoreSFGAPic3The Haircut

Mabel is honored when her friend, Sarah Jane, decides that she’d like to carry a lock of her hair in her new locket.  Unfortunately, Sarah Jane accidentally cuts off more of Mabel’s hair than she means to.  What will Mabel’s mother say when she sees it?  Or is there some way that they can cover it up?

Grandma Makes a Friend

Mabel resents the new girl in class, Alice, because the teacher gives Alice Mabel’s seat next to her best friend and Alice always seems to have nicer clothes to wear and everything.  But, hating people isn’t a healthy way to live your life, and Mabel’s mother convinces her to give Alice a second chance to be her friend.


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