Trixie Belden Series

trixietrailer#2 The Red Trailer Mystery by Julie Campbell, 1950.

This story picks up immediately where the previous book in the series leaves off.  Jim Frayne, although heir to a great deal of money, ran away to keep himself and his fortune out of the hands of his scheming stepfather.  He plans to find work to support himself until he’s old enough to return and claim his inheritance in his own right.

However, his uncle’s lawyer has collected enough evidence that Jim’s stepfather is an unfit guardian that he says he can arrange for Jim to have another guardian.  Trixie and Honey travel in a trailer along with Honey’s governess, Miss Trask, searching for their friend Jim so they can tell him that he’s safe from his stepfather.

Along the way, they meet a family traveling in a red trailer. The family is dressed in ragged clothes, and they look half-starved. They seem to be very upset about something, and the parents discourage their children from talking to Trixie and Honey. For reasons the girls don’t understand, the oldest girl in the family runs away into the woods and her family leaves the trailer camp without her.

Later, the girls meet a state trooper who is looking for a trailer matching the description of the red trailer the family had. Apparently, there have been several thefts of trailers in the area recently. Could the family they met be involved in the thefts?  Will Trixie and Honey ever find Jim?


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