zucchiniwarriorsThe Zucchini Warriors by Gordon Korman, 1988.

One of MacDonald Hall’s former students, Hank “the Tank” Carson, has made it big with his zucchini stick snack company.  As a former football player, he also wants to create a winning football team for his old school, funded by his zucchini fortune.

Mr. Sturgeon isn’t happy to see Hank again.  He was in Mr. Sturgeon’s math class, before Mr. Sturgeon became the school’s headmaster.  Hank was always a loud, obnoxious student, and against his morals, Mr. Sturgeon gave him a passing grade even though Hank actually failed the class.  He only did it because he couldn’t stand another year with Hank as his student, although he’s felt guilty about it ever since.

The boys aren’t thrilled about the new football stadium and team, either.  What they really wanted was a new rec hall.  But, when Bruno gets up the nerve to tell Hank about it, Hank makes the kids a deal: if they get a football team together and make a decent showing with it, he’ll fund a rec hall for them, too.  Bruno, as the one who wanted the rec hall the most, becomes the driving force behind the new football team, talking the other guys into playing and even eating Hank’s zucchini sticks even though everyone at school actually hates them.

The biggest stumbling block that the MacDonald Hall Zucchini Warriors faces is that they know nothing about the game.  In fact, the only one around who’s really into football is Cathy, one of the girls across the street at Miss Scrimmage’s Finishing School for Young Ladies.  But, football is a man’s game . . . right?

This book is part of the MacDonald Hall Series (or Bruno and Boots series).


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