somethingfishySomething Fishy at MacDonald Hall by Gordon Korman, 1995.

Time moves on, and Boots’s little brother, Edward, is just starting school at MacDonald Hall. He’s made it clear that he thinks his older brother and his friends are “over the hill” and uncool.  Mr. Sturgeon is also feeling “over the hill” and thinking about retiring.  Being the headmaster just doesn’t seem that exciting to him anymore.

But, MacDonald Hall just wouldn’t be MacDonald Hall without strange things happening, and some mysterious person has been playing a series of bizarre pranks that rival anything Bruno and Boots have ever done.

Naturally, Mr. Sturgeon suspects them of being the pranksters, but for once, Bruno and Boots aren’t guilty.  On the one hand, they’re a little envious of the prankster’s ingenuity, but on the other, they don’t want to take the rap for something they haven’t done.

Who could the mysterious prankster be?  It is Edward, trying to prove that he’s more clever than Bruno and Boots?  Could it be Cathy and Diane, the girls at Miss Scrimmage’s Finishing School for Young Ladies?  They’ve been somewhat distant this year, for some reason.  Maybe it was Mark, who runs the MacDonald Hall school newspaper, drumming up interest in the paper by creating the phantom joker so he can write stories about it.  Elmer Drimsdale, the school genius, has been acting pretty odd since he developed a crush on a girl at the summer science fair, a girl who also happens to attend Miss Scrimmage’s.

There are plenty of suspects to choose from, and time is running out.  Bruno and Boots may be facing expulsion if they can’t figure out who is behind all the pranks!

This book is part of the MacDonald Hall Series (or Bruno and Boots series).


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