Star Trek: Starfleet Academy


#1 Crisis on Vulcan by Brad and Barbara Strickland, 1996.

This is the first book in a series about characters from the original Star Trek series when they were young.

Young Spock accompanies his father, Sarek, on a diplomatic mission while he negotiates a peace treaty among different factions of the Marathan system. The different factions have been fighting for years, but now they must resolve their differences because they wish to join the Federation. Spock and his father journey home on the Enterprise, which is captained by Robert April. April’s first officer, Christopher Pike, takes a liking to Spock and shows him around the ship. Spock is surprised at the mix of different races aboard the Enterprise, how well they work together, and how easily they accept him.

Then, a group of Marathans attacks the Enterprise with the intention of capturing Sarek. They claim that Sarek betrayed them, although they do not explain why they think so. Spock helps the crew of the Enterprise to escape from the Marathans, and out of appreciation, Captain April offers to sponsor him for Starfleet Academy. Spock has already been accepted to the Vulcan Science Academy, so he does not accept the offer. The Vulcan Science Academy is the one of the best places for a young scientist to study, but they have extremely strict standards.

STAVulcanPicAll Vulcans believe in logic and reason and the suppression of emotions. Spock is half human, and Sarek is concerned that his control over his emotions will not be sufficient to allow him to cope with life at the Vulcan Science Academy. Sarek could tell that Spock was pleased with the praise that the crew of the Enterprise gave him when he was able to help them, and he urges him to keep a tighter rein on his feelings. To help Spock adjust to life at the Vulcan Science Academy, Sarek arranges for him to stay there over the summer, before the next semester’s classes begin.

As Sarek suspected, Spock is heavily scrutinized by his teachers and the other students. They are suspicious of him because they know that his mother is human, and they suspect that his ideas are not as logical as theirs. Although Spock excels in his studies, none of the others will give him the respect that he deserves. Then, Spock’s father calls him home because there has been an attack on his mother. Someone is out to harm Sarek’s family, and it looks like it is the same Marathans that attacked the Enterprise, possibly including a young Marathan Spock befriended earlier. What to do they want, and why are they so angry over a treaty that they had already agreed to sign?


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