Star Trek: Starfleet Academy


#2 Aftershock by John Vornholt, 1996.

Leonard McCoy is a medical student at Starfleet Academy. Shortly before the Christmas holidays, McCoy is tired from studying and looking forward to spending some time at home. However, he takes a break from his studies to play a game of football with the other students and ends up in trouble. A younger student, Cadet James Kirk, tackles him, and they end up crashing into a security fence and setting off an alarm. As punishment, Kirk is given kitchen duty, but McCoy is asked to sign up for the Disaster Relief service club.

The club has its training course during the holidays, so McCoy will not be able to go home after all. As disappointing as that is for McCoy, the situation soon becomes much worse. The training course is barely over when the club is called away on a mission. The planet Playamar has been ravaged by earthquakes, and the club will be called upon to deliver supplies, treat the wounded, and rescue survivors. The club is organized into groups, and McCoy finds himself in a group with pretty Lisa Donald and the serious Vulcan, Spock. McCoy feels overwhelmed by the experience and questions whether he really has what it takes to become a Starfleet doctor.

When Spock says that he knows what is causing the earthquakes and how to stop it, will McCoy be willing to take the risks necessary to save the planet?



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