Trixie Belden

tbglenroad#5 The Mystery Off Glen Road by Julie Campbell, 1956.

When their clubhouse is damaged by a storm shortly before Thanksgiving, the Bob-Whites realize that they will have get some money to fix it soon before the really bad winter weather comes. The Wheelers’ gamekeeper has recently quit, so they offer to patrol Mr. Wheeler’s game preserve for awhile to earn some extra money.

While Trixie and Honey are patrolling, they find a dead deer. They don’t tell anyone about it right away because their dogs, Patch and Reddy, were with the carcass when they found it. If the dogs killed the deer, they might be killed because people would be afraid that the dogs would go wild and start killing more animals. However, Trixie later finds signs that a human butchered and hauled away the carcass. There seems to be a poacher in the wood, and the dogs are innocent of the deer’s death, but how can Trixie and Honey tell the others about it when they tried to cover up the crime in the first place?

To make the situation more complicated, Trixie’s brother, Brian, wants to buy a used car from Mr. Lytell but doesn’t feel that he can spare the money until the clubhouse is fixed. To keep Mr. Lytell from selling the car, Trixie gives him an expensive ring that Jim gave her as security for the car. Since Trixie normally isn’t interested in jewelry at all, she pretends that she wants to wear it to impress Honey’s cousin, Ben, who is visiting for Thanksgiving. Trixie doesn’t actually like Ben at all, but it was the only excuse she could think of for getting her parents to take the ring out of her safe deposit box in the first place. Trixie’s reluctant efforts to fake a crush on Ben and act more girly add humor to the story.


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