Ginger’s Upstairs Pet by John Ryckman, 1971.

This is a cute picture book about a little girl named Ginger and her mysterious new “pet.”  At first, her mother doesn’t believe that Ginger has a pet, but Ginger keeps running downstairs from her room to ask for more food for it.  First, it’s cake.  Then, it’s apples.  Ginger keeps coming back down stairs with more requests for food.


Ginger’s mother thinks that Ginger is eating the food herself until Ginger comes downstairs with an especially strange request.  Then, her mother decides to see Ginger’s mysterious pet herself.

What kind of pet does Ginger have?  More importantly, how did she get it?

The drawings are cute, and they’re interesting because they only use four colors: black, white, red, and green.


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