Sleepover Friends

SFLaurenNewAddress#28 Lauren’s New Address by Susan Saunders, 1990.

Lauren is not happy when her father announces that their family is moving to a new house a couple of miles from their old neighborhood. Her father works in real estate and wants to have his own office in their home. Their old house wasn’t big enough, so he found a new house for them.

Lauren hates the new house because it’s old and looks like a haunted house on tv. Plus, she’s afraid that she won’t see her friends as much because she’ll be living farther away from them. Her friends try to cheer her up by pointing out that she’ll have a swimming pool in her backyard and will be living down the street from one of the cutest boys in school, but nothing seems to help.

Then, Lauren learns that one of her new neighbors may be a princess from another country.  The girls hear that a young princess, Marina, from the European country of Osterburg has lost her parents in a car accident and is coming to live in their town with her American aunt and uncle. The only picture they’ve seen of the princess is blurry, but it looks a little like the young girl, Maya, living next door to Lauren in her new neighborhood. Stephanie suggests to Lauren that she try to find out more about the girl because if she is really a princess it would make a great story for their school newspaper.  At first, Lauren is doubtful, but then she overhears something that makes her think otherwise.

Things in Lauren’s neighborhood might not be quite what they seem at first, but her friends find some creative ways to help her adjust to her new house and learn ways of dealing with change, like keeping busy.  In the end, although Lauren is still getting used to her new house, she is happy because there are some good points about it, and she knows that her friends will still be there for her.


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