Something Queer in Rock ‘n’ Roll by Elizabeth Levy, illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein, 1987.

SQRockPic1Gwen and Jill join a couple of other friends in forming a rock band.  They want to enter a rock contest run by a local tv station.  In order to enter, they have to have an original rock song, so they write one about Jill’s dog, Fletcher.  They discover that Fletcher loves pizza so much that he gives a spectacular howl when they offer him some.  They make Fletcher and his wonderful howl part of their act.

When they audition for the station, the put on dog ear costumes to match Fletcher’s ears and call themselves Fletcher and the Gang.  The people at the station love their act, especially Fletcher’s howl, and they are accepted onto the program.

However, shortly afterward, Fletcher disappears.  They search everywhere for him and put up posters, but no luck.  Jill is convinced that Fletcher must have been abducted because he would never run away.  It turns out to be true, and they discover it for sure when they get a phone call telling them where to find Fletcher.

SQRockPic2Fletcher is all right, but now, he suddenly hates pizza!  It seems that Fletcher’s abductor fed him nothing but pizza until he started to hate it.  Did someone do that on purpose to ruin their act for the contest?  How would this person have even known about their act?  Also, what can they do about the contest now that Fletcher is more likely to run from the sight of pizza than howl for it?

The other rock bands in the contest are all hilarious with themes that include spiders, potatoes, mummies, and clowns.

The book also includes the music and lyrics for the kids’ rock song about Fletcher: “Hungry All the Time.”


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