I always liked stories that took place in other times and other countries.  Some of these books were written in the countries where they take place, and others are just about things that happen in those countries.  Some are from the perspective of people living there and others are from the point of view of travelers.  Be an armchair traveler and take an imaginary journey!

I might later split this page into several as the lists of books gets longer. I always look for suggestions that are not a part of my current collection, so feel free to contact me if you have any!


Lisa and Lottie

The book that the movie The Parent Trap (both versions) was based on.  It was originally written in German and took place in Germany and Austria.  By Erich Kastner.

The Night Crossing

A World War II story, set in occupied Austria.  A Jewish family realizes that they must flee their home in Austria to escape the Nazis.


All The Children Were Sent Away

A British girl is sent to stay with relatives in Canada during World War II.  Most of the book takes place on the boat, but part in the beginning takes place in England, and it ends in Canada.  By Sheila Garrigue.

Hawthorn Bay Trilogy

This is a very loose trilogy that takes place mainly in Canada, at a place called Hawthorn Bay on Lake Ontario, at various periods in history.  It’s partly an historical series and partly fantasy because some of it involves fantasy elements like ESP and time travel.  By Janet Lunn.

MacDonald Hall Series

A couple of boys at a Canadian boarding school play pranks and pull schemes that ultimately benefit their school.  By Gordon Korman.


Number the Stars

During World War II, in occupied Denmark, a family risks everything to help their Jewish friends escape.  By Lois Lowry.


The Bassumtyte Treasure

Young Tommy Bassumtyte, an orphan, goes to live with a distant cousin of the same name in England. His resemblance to a distant ancestor of theirs helps him to travel through time and solve the mystery of a missing treasure.


Not really a children’s book, but the basis for the Disney movie of the same name.  By Michael Innes.

Castle Diary

Eleven-year-old Tobias Burgess goes to live in his uncle’s castle, where he serves as a page and begins the training that will eventually allow him to become a knight.

Creepies Series

A creepy picture book series where children make up stories about monsters.  By Rose Impey.

The Curse of the Egyptian Mummy

A group of scouts camping near a boarding house get involved in a mystery concerning a stolen Egyptian relic.  By Pat Hutchins.

The Mystery Hideout

Two boys solve the mystery of a gang of thieves and save one boy’s home from destruction.  By Ken Follett.


The Mona Lisa Mystery

A humorous adventure story where a group of British school children track down a famous stolen painting.

Starlight in Tourrone

Not long after World War II, a group of children in a small village in Provence which was devastated by the war plan to revive an old Christmas custom, which helps to bring new life to their village.

Twenty and Ten

A World War II story.  A group of French school children hide Jewish children from the Nazis during World War II.  By Claire Bishop.


Emil and the Detectives

When a strange man robs Emil on the train to Berlin, he needs the help of some other boys to track down the thief and retrieve his grandmother’s money.

Lisa and Lottie

The movie that The Parent Trap (both versions) was based on.  It was originally written in German and took place in Germany and Austria.  By Erich Kastner.


The Treasure of Kilvarra

A couple of American children visiting Ireland seek a hidden treasure with the help of a gypsy boy and learn a little about Irish history and legend.  By Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton.


Detectives in Togas and Mystery of the Roman Ransom

A two-book mystery series that takes place in Ancient Rome.  By Henry Winterfeld.

Kat and the Missing Notebooks

In Renaissance Italy, Kat and her aunt meet Leonardo da Vinci and investigate the theft of some important secrets.

Midnight Magic

A servant boy has to help his master solve the frightening mystery of a ghost that haunts a young princess amid political intrigue in Medieval Italy.  By Avi.


The Master Puppeteer

A boy in feudal Japan joins a theater company to save his family from starvation after a famine and learns the secret of a local folk hero. By Katherine Paterson.

The Samurai Detective Series

A boy (fictional) who is adopted by the famous Judge Ooka (real) helps him to solve mysteries in feudal Japan.  By Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler.


Angelo the Naughty One

Angelo is terrified of water to the point where he hates to take baths.  When his family tries to make him take a bath so he will be clean for his sister’s wedding, he runs away only to be caught by some of the soldiers he admires, who teach him that soldiers must do their duty.


Mystery on Taboga Island

Amy goes to Taboga Island, off the coast of Panama, with her aunt for the summer and finds a mystery involving a lost painting.


Mystery on the Isle of Skye

An American orphan visits her family’s roots on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, solving puzzles set for her by her ailing grandmother.  By Phyllis Whitney.

The Secret of Roan Inish

Most people are more familiar with the movie than the original book, Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry.  The movie took place in Ireland, but the original book took place in Scotland and can be difficult to find now, although it will soon be coming back into print.  By Rosalie K. Fry.

South Africa

Secret of the Tiger’s Eye

Benita, an American girl, visits a distant relative in South Africa and learns that differences in personality can be as difficult to overcome as any other type of prejudice, but still worth the struggle. By Phyllis Whitney.


Mystery of the Golden Horn

Vicki, an American girl, joins her father, who has been living in Turkey, after failing her grade in school.  As she learns to accept her embarrassing failure and overcome it, she makes some surprising new friends and some surprising discoveries about the place where she is staying. By Phyllis Whitney.


The Haunting at Cliff House

When Alison and her father travel from Canada to Wales in order to see the house that they’ve inherited from a distant relative, Alison finds herself caught up in a ghostly mystery from the past.  Somehow, she must prevent another young girl from making the worst mistake of her life while considering the choices she is making in her own life.