These are books that have never been made into movies, but I would dearly love to see movie versions of them!  As far as I know, no one is currently considering making any movies of these, but I can dream.


The Dragon Charmer

Elynne Danneby is afraid of dragons, which is a shame because her family makes its living by dragon charming.  When thieves steal a dragon egg, Lynnie conquers her fears in order to get it back.  By Douglas Hill.

The Seventh Princess

A girl falls asleep on her school bus and has a fantastic dream, only it turns out to be more than just a dream.  Jennifer learns that she has been adopted by a king only to be used as tribute to an evil enchantress.  She struggles to find the key to breaking the enchantress’s spells and saving not only herself but the six princesses who went before her.  By Nick Sullivan.

The Ordinary Princess

A fairy’s wish at a young princess’s christening ensures that she will be an ordinary, imperfect girl instead of the perfect princess that her parents were expecting, but what others think of as a misfortune turns out to be a blessing. By M. M. Kaye.

The Witch King

A boy journeys to a far-off city and discovers his destiny as an ancient legend is fulfilled.  By Maeve Henry.

The Root Cellar

An orphan girl trying to fit into a new home travels back in time and befriends the former owner of the house.  By Janet Lunn.


The Headless Cupid

David struggles to understand his strange new step-sister as she attempts to initiate him and his siblings into the occult world and seems to awaken the poltergeist that supposedly once inhabited their house.  By Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

Midnight Magic

A servant boy has to help his master solve the frightening mystery of a ghost that haunts a young princess amid political intrigue in Medieval Italy.  By Avi.


A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder

These two books are about the adventures a brother and sister have with their grandmother in the rural Midwest during the Great Depression.  Hysterical!  By Richard Peck.

Starlight in Tourrone

I think this would make a wonderful Christmas movie, much better than the ones where random cartoon characters try to “save Christmas.”  A group of children in a small French village, which was devastated during World War II, revive an old Christmas custom and bring life and hope back to their village.  By Suzanne Butler.

General Fiction

Susan’s Magic

This story already reminds me of a Miyazaki movie, but I think a live-action movie of this type would be magical, too.  A young girl learns about the kind of person she is and her place in the world by helping others.  By Nan Agle.