Disney isn’t the only company that has used books for inspiration for movies.  Some of these movies are easy to find these days, but some aren’t because they haven’t been released on dvd.  If you want to see one of them and have trouble finding a copy at a reasonable price, there are two options: check YouTube (some old movies find their way there) or ask your local library for an inter-library loan.  Many libraries also have copies of movies, and movies based on books are of special interest.  Public libraries can request materials from libraries across the country for free, although I can’t promise that all of these are available at public libraries these days, either.  Movies on dvd are easier to find than ones on vhs.

Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!

After finding a book at the library about how to turn himself into a perfect person, Milo decides to give it a try!  The book is still in print, but the movie (from 1983) isn’t.  It hasn’t been released on dvd, and I can’t find it on YouTube.  The only way to get it appears to be ordering a copy of the vhs.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

A family of young bullies ends up joining a church Christmas pageant and changing not only themselves but their audience for the better.  The movie (from 1983) has been released on dvd, and I’ve seen it posted on YouTube.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

An inventor purchases an old race car and fixes it up, but some of the changes to the car happen because this car is magical, and it takes its new family on an incredible journey.  The movie differs considerably from the original book.  The movie is widely available on dvd.

The Mystery at Fire Island

A pair of siblings investigate some mysterious people on the island where they are staying on vacation.  Not only do they solve a mystery, but they help their older sister find her life’s ambition.  It hasn’t been released on dvd, and I can’t find it on YouTube.  The only way to get it appears to be ordering a copy of the vhs.

The Secret of Roan Inish

The movie follows the original story fairly well, although the location was changed to Ireland.  The original book, called Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry, took place in Scotland.  The  movie is available on dvd.

Twenty and Ten

The movie version was called Miracle at Moreaux.  A group of French school children hide Jewish children from the Nazis during World War II.  The movie is different from the book in a number of ways, and it is available on dvd.

The Westing Game

The movie version was called Get a Clue!.  A group of seemingly unrelated people find out that they are the beneficiaries named in the will of a wealthy recluse.  The recluse has set a puzzle for them to solve in order to inherit his fortune.  The movie is available on dvd, but don’t forget the exclamation point in the title, which differentiates it from a Disney movie with the same name that has nothing to do with this book.