It’s a bit of a spoiler, telling you this, but if you’re looking for some suspense with kind of a creepy atmosphere, but don’t want to read about “real” ghosts, you might check out some of these.  Many of them are kind of like Scooby-Doo style mysteries, and others are about the power of imagination.

Individual Books

The Ghost of Windy Hill

Professor Carver and his family move into a house in the country to solve the mystery of the ghost that is haunting it.  By Clyde Robert Bulla.

The Ghost that Came Alive

Siblings who are making a car trip home without their parents become trapped by a storm at an old house full of sinister people and a possible ghost.  By Vic Crume.

The Haunted Hotel

Laura and Bill are visiting their Uncle Joe, who is the caretaker of a large hotel in New Hampshire. The hotel is closed for the winter, but the children investigate the ghost who supposedly haunts it and may have their uncle under her spell.  By Janet Adele Bloss.

The Headless Cupid

The Stanleys move into an old house that may be haunted by a poltergeist.

Midnight Magic

A servant boy has to help his master solve the frightening mystery of a ghost that haunts a young princess amid political intrigue in Medieval Italy.  By Avi.


Creepies Series

A spooky little series of stories about different children and the monster stories they invent and tell each other.  It’s fun to be scared!  By Rose Impey.

Eagle-Eye Ernie

About a girl in elementary school who solves mysteries with the help of her friends, who call themselves The Martians.  Not all of the books in the series are spooky mysteries, but a few are.  By Susan Pearson.

Mary Rose and Jo-Beth Mysteries

About a pair of sisters who live in Indiana and have adventures on road trips with their father.  Not all of the books in the series are spooky mysteries, but a couple are. Written by Eth Clifford.

The Monster Hunter Series

J. Huntley English is a boy genius who also happens to believe in monsters and wants to find real ones.  With his friends, he investigates strange phenomena and odd people in their small town in Pennsylvania. By Drew Stevenson.

The Samurai Detective Series

The adopted son of a famous judge helps him to solve mysteries in feudal Japan.  Not a series for young children!  By Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler.

Sarah Capshaw Mysteries

About a girl who wants to be a detective and her two friends.  They investigate spooky mysteries in a small town in Pennsylvania. By Drew Stevenson.

Third Grade Ghosthunters

A group of third graders investigates strange phenomena and possible ghosts, including one at their school.  By Grace Maccarone.

The Three Investigators Series

Three friends form a detective business, using a trailer in a salvage yard as their headquarters.