These are series of fantasy stories, anything having to do with magic, fairy tales, or similar subjects.  I also include stories with mythological creatures, talking animals (or animals that behave like humans), and other things that don’t exist.  There aren’t many here yet, but there will be more later.

For stories that have a kind of fantasy or fairy-tale tone but don’t feature actual magic, see my list of Pseudo-Fantasy books under Book Lists.

Hawthorn Bay Trilogy

This is a very loose trilogy that takes place mainly in Canada, at a place called Hawthorn Bay on Lake Ontario, at various periods in history.  It’s partly an historical series and partly fantasy because some of it involves fantasy elements like ESP and time travel.  By Janet Lunn.

In the Keep of Time Trilogy

This short series of time travel stories is about children who reach out of their own time periods to touch others living in the past and in the future in order to change their world for the better. The series centers on themes of climate change and war and how we respond to changes in the world around us. By Margaret J. Anderson.

Little Witch Series

Little Witch is a young witch in a family of witches. She is sometimes nicer than her family wishes that she would be and has adventures with her human children friends. By Deborah Hautzig.  1984-2004.

The Minds Series

In the far distant future, humans have evolved to the point that the things they imagine can change the nature of reality itself. By Carol Matas and Perry Nodelman. 1994-1999.

Stardust Classics

This is actually a collection of fantasy series about different girls: the princess of a fairy-tale kingdom, a fairy, and a girl who travels through time with her aunt.  The format is similar to the American Girls history series, and there were dolls associated with it.  By various authors.

Tales of Magic

Various groups of children go on magical adventures.  A somewhat loose series that follows different sets of characters, although some of the events are related.  By Edward Eager.

Teen Witch

On her thirteenth birthday, Sarah Collins discovers that she is actually a witch and can use magic. By Megan Barnes.