In some ways, the Stardust Classics (1997-2001) follow a similar format to the American Girls historical series.  The books in each series are a similar size and shape with a similar quality and style of artwork.  There are different series of books within the main series, each of which focuses on a different girl and her adventures.  Also, in each book, there is a section in the back which contains factual information, and there are dolls of the girls in the books.  The big difference between the two series is that the Stardust Classics books are all fantasy stories, not historical novels.

In the American Girls series, the factual information in the back focuses on the period of history in the stories.  In the Stardust Classics series, the information in the back depends on which series the book is in and which girl is featured in that series because all three of them have different themes.  Stardust Classics books also have recipes and activities, which are not usually features of American Girls books, although the American Girls series have supplemental books which contain recipes and activities.

The American Girls series tend to follow a sort of formula in their stories, usually giving their girls each a birthday story, a school story, a Christmas story, etc.  The Stardust Classics books do not follow a formula because each series has a different setting and different themes.

The three series within the Stardust Classics series are:


Alissa is a princess in a fictional kingdom called Arcadia.  Her mentor is a wizard.


Kat is a young girl who goes on time travel adventures with her aunt.  They meet famous people in history and often have an impact on historical events.  The sections in the back give more information about the time periods they visit in each book.


Laurel is a fairy.