Princess Alissa of Arcadia is part of the Stardust Classics fantasy series.

Ten-year-old Alissa is a princess in a fictional, fairy-tale kingdom called Arcadia.  Her mother is dead, so her great-aunts oversee most of her lessons.  Alissa gets impatient with her more practical lessons in manners, royal protocol, and regular school subjects.  However, her real mentor is a wizard named Balin, who teaches her magic as well as the virtue of patience (something Alissa frequently struggles with) and that magic is not always the solution to life’s problems.  Through her adventures with Balin, Alissa also comes to realize that she can use the knowledge she acquires in her more boring lessons to solve more exciting problems.

Her best friend is her lady-in-waiting, Lia, who is about her age.  Lia used to be a servant for one of Alissa’s great-aunts, but the great-aunt was never satisfied with her service.  Lia was planning to run away one night when Alissa happened to catch her.  The two became friends, and Alissa invited her to become her lady-in-waiting.  Unlike most of Alissa’s family, Lia actually knows about her magic lessons with Balin. Balin is ancient, and most people have forgotten that he lives in the oldest tower of the castle.  (Alissa’s father, who once had lessons with him as a boy, has also supposedly forgotten about the wizard, but there are hints that he actually does remember but likes to keep it a secret. ) Lia is a more cautious, patient person than Alissa and helps to tone down her impulsiveness, something that Alissa’s father appreciates.

Books in the Series:

Alissa, Princess of Arcadia

When Balin sees a threat to the kingdom of Arcadia in his crystal ball, Alissa must use the clues he sees to find the source of the threat and stop events that would doom them all.

Alissa and the Castle Ghost

Alissa tries to right an old wrong in her kingdom.

Alissa and the Dungeons of Grimrock

Balin is captured by an evil sorcerer, and Alissa and Lia are also captured when they try to rescue him.  Can they find a way to free themselves?

Alissa’s Tournament Troubles

Alissa is bored with practicing for her role in a wedding and more interested in enjoying the preparations for a tournament.  However, when a love spell goes wrong and threatens to ruin everything, Alissa is the one who has to set everything right!