The Kat the Time Explorer books are part of the Stardust Classics fantasy series.

Kat is a ten-year-old girl who goes on time travel adventures with her Aunt Jessie.  She comes from a family of scientists.  Kat is living with her Aunt Jessie for a year while her parents, who are botanists, are spending a year in South America, studying rain forest plants.  Jessie, who teaches physics at the same college where Kat’s parents work, inherited a house from their Uncle Malcolm, who was an eccentric inventor.  She has discovered that one of his unfinished projects was a time machine, and she and Kat use his notes to figure out how to make it work.  It appears to be a combination of science and magic because two mysterious amulets are necessary to make the machine function, and aside from taking them to different time periods, the machine also alters their clothing and personal objects so that they appear like those of people in each time period.  It also allows them to understand the languages of people around them even if they have no knowledge of those languages themselves.

As they have their adventures, Kat and her aunt meet famous people in history and often have an impact on historical events.  The sections in the back of each book give more information about the time periods they visit.

Books in the Series:

Kat the Time Explorer

Kat and her aunt are transported to Victorian England where they have to find an inventor who can help them return home.

Kat and the Secrets of the Nile

Kat and her aunt visit Egypt during the late 19th century and search for a thief stealing antiquities.

Kat and the Emperor’s Gift

Kat and her aunt journey to Ancient China and meet Marco Polo at the court of Kublai Khan.

Kat and the Missing Notebooks

In Renaissance Italy, Kat and her aunt meet Leonardo da Vinci and investigate the theft of some important secrets.