Laurel the Woodfairy is part of the Stardust Classics fantasy series.

Books in the Series:

Laurel the Woodfairy

When the fairies’ Crystal disappears, Laurel thinks that the thief is her new friend, Foxglove the Pixie.  She must find him and get the Crystal back!

Laurel and the Lost Treasure

Laurel and her friends search for a legendary treasure and meet a dwarf with a mysterious past.

Laurel Rescues the Pixies

When Laurel starts to question whether she really belongs with the other fairies, she goes to visit her friend Foxglove the pixie.  A forest fire endangers the pixies’ home, and Laurel and her friends come up with a daring plan to stop it.

Laurel and the Sprites’ Mischief

Someone is playing a series of pranks, and Laurel is blamed, although she’s not responsible.  Can she and Foxglove find the real culprit?