This page is for series of books that do not fit into any particular genre, just general fiction.  These books tend to be realistic fiction, stories about things that can happen in daily life.  Some of these series have individual books or related series which fit into other genres.

Aviva Granger Stories

About a girl whose parents are divorced and the changes in her family.  By Jeanne Betancourt.

Betsy and Eddie Books

The everyday adventures of a group of neighborhood children. By Carolyn Haywood.

The Kids of the Polk Street School

About the children in Ms. Rooney’s second grade class, their friendships, rivalries, school issues, and special occasions.  By Patricia Reilly Giff.

Sleepover Friends

Four friends, Kate, Stephanie, Lauren, and Patti, love to have sleepovers.  They also help each other through common problems that preteen girls face and have adventures in their small town.  By Susan Saunders.

Tornado Jones Series

About a boy living in Nebraska in the 1950s and his adventures.  By Trella Lamson Dick.