Amber Brown is a girl in elementary school, and her books are about growing up, the changes that happen in her life, and life lessons that she learns. In the beginning of the series, Amber is nine years old and in the third grade, and during the series, she moves to the fourth grade and turns ten years old. Her parents get divorced, and her father moves to Paris, France. Even though he now lives in a different country, he stays in touch with Amber, and Amber keeps a book with pictures of him that she calls her Dad Book. Her best friend in the early books is a boy named Justin, who has been her friend since they were little kids, but he later moves away, and Amber makes a new friend, Brandi. Justin and Amber still write to each other.

The main series of books are short chapter books, but there is also a picture book series with the same main character called A is for Amber Brown.

After the death of the original author of the books, Paula Danziger, other authors continued the series in her name, beginning with a story in which Amber Brown’s mother remarries. The two authors continuing the series, Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy, were also personal friends of Paula Danziger when she was alive.

Books in the Series:

Amber Brown is Not a Crayon (1994)

You Can’t Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown (1995)

Amber visits her aunt in London and ends up getting the chicken pox. Her father comes to visit her from Paris.

Amber Brown Goes Fourth (1995)

Amber starts fourth grade, the first school year without her friend Justin, who has moved away. Amber makes a new friend named Brandi, learning to appreciate letting new people into her life. At the same time, her mother begins dating a man named Max.

Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit (1996)

Forever Amber Brown (1996)

Amber Brown Sees Red (1997)

Amber Brown is Feeling Blue (1998)

I, Amber Brown (1999)

Amber Brown is Green with Envy (2003)

Amber Brown is Tickled Pink (2012)

This is the book written after the author’s death, where Amber Brown’s mother remarries. By Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy.

Amber Brown is On the Move (2013)

By Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy.

Amber Brown is Horsing Around (2014)

By Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy.

A is For Amber Brown Series:

What a Trip, Amber Brown (2001)

It’s Justin Time, Amber Brown (2001)

Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown (2002)

Orange You Glad It’s Halloween, Amber Brown? (2002)

It’s a Fair Day, Amber Brown