The series follows young Aviva Granger through her parents’ divorce and the following years as both her mother and father enter new relationships and Aviva’s extended family grows.  Throughout the books, she spends half of her time with each parent, moving between houses weekly.

After she remarries, Aviva’s mother’s house is an old farmhouse outside of town, and Aviva not only has a stepfather but a half-sister (college age) and half-brother (baby) living in the same house.  Eventually, her mother also takes in Aviva’s friend, Josh, who was previously living in an orphanage.

Aviva’s father lives in town.  He opens up a men’s clothing store.  He has a girlfriend, Miriam, and Aviva doesn’t get along very well with her.  Miriam would like it if she and Aviva’s father had a child of their own.

There is a short biography of the author of the series that explains a little more about the inspiration behind it.

Books in the Series:

The Rainbow Kid

The series begins when Aviva is ten years old, and she struggles to come to terms with her parents’ divorce.  What is it going to be like for her being shared between two households?

Turtle Time

Aviva’s mother’s boyfriend moves in with them while she deals with stresses at school. Her new teacher makes school feel like army boot camp, and everyone is saying that she has a crush on Josh.

Puppy Love

Changes continue for Aviva when her dog dies and her mother gives birth to her new half-brother. Through it all, her friend Josh is always there for her, even though he has problems of his own.

Crazy Christmas

When Aviva’s father arranges a trip to New York for himself, his girlfriend, and Aviva, Aviva invites her friend Josh along.  Josh is almost part of the family already.

valentinebluesValentine Blues

Aviva is stressed by the chaos of juggling two ever-changing households and by the new attitudes that boys and girls at school are developing for each other.