Some people just refer to these as the Haywood or Carolyn Haywood books, after the author, because they don’t really focus solely on one character.  Betsy and Eddie are the two children featured most prominently in the stories, but they’re not necessarily together in their stories, and many of the stories also star their friends.  I thought about splitting these books up into Betsy books and Eddie books and so on, but the ones that are collections of short stories with all the different children in them make it difficult to separate them.

Haywood’s books are about the everyday adventures of a group of neighborhood children.  Many of these books are short story collections which focus on different characters, although all of the children know each other to some degree because they live in the same area and go to the same school.  Most of them are funny stories or slice-of-life, just pleasant episodes in the lives of the children.  One of the nice things about them is that, unlike many modern children’s books, there is nothing dark, scary, or serious about them.  You can safely read any of them to a young child at bedtime, even the Halloween ones, without any fear of causing nightmares.  There is absolutely nothing stressful about them.

Although they were written over the course of decades (1939 to 1986), the children remain children throughout the entire series.  They make for light, easy reading for children just beginning chapter books.

Books in the Series:

“B” is for Betsy, 1939.

Betsy and Billy, 1941.

Back to School With Betsy, 1943.

Here’s a Penny, 1944.

Betsy and the Boys, 1945.

Penny and Peter, 1946.

Little Eddie, 1947.

Penny Goes to Camp, 1948.

Eddie and the Fire Engine, 1949.

Betsy’s Little Star, 1950.

Eddie and Gardenia, 1951.

Eddie’s Pay Dirt, 1953.

Betsy and the Circus, 1954.

Eddie and His Big Deals, 1955.

Betsy’s Busy Summer, 1956.

Eddie Makes Music, 1957.

Betsy’s Winterhouse, 1958.

Eddie and Louella, 1959.

Annie Pat and Eddie, 1960.

Snowbound with Betsy, 1962.

Eddie’s Green Thumb, 1964.

Eddie the Dog Holder, 1966.

Betsy and Mr. Kilpatrick, 1967.

Ever-Ready Eddie, 1968.

Merry Christmas from Betsy, 1970.

Eddie’s Happenings, 1971.

Eddie’s Valuable Property, 1975.

Betsy’s Play School, 1977.

Eddie’s Menagerie, 1978.

Halloween Treats, 1981.

Happy Birthday from Carolyn Haywood, 1984.

Merry Christmas from Eddie, 1986.

Summer Fun

The kids spend their summer in many different ways.