This series is about the students of Cedar Groves Junior High.  Most of them are general fiction stories about school friendships and projects and life lessons that the students learn about themselves and others.  There is a lot of humor in the stories, and a few of them are mysteries.

Because the kids are in their early teens, there is a lot about first crushes and first dates.  Some of the students have particular boyfriend/girlfriend relationships with each other, but not all.  At one point, the girls in the eighth grade have a crush on their good-looking English teacher.  The English teacher later ends up marrying another teacher at the school.

The point of view of the stories changes from book to book and even within books, focusing on different students in the eighth grade, both boys and girls, and the students have distinct personalities and interests.  Some of the students have stereotypical roles, like the class clown, but they also have personality traits beyond those stereotypes.

Books in the Series:

#1 Junior High Jitters (1986)

It’s the start of a new school year!  Jen and Nora have been friends for years, but now Jen is making friends with a new girl, Denise, and Nora doesn’t particularly like her.  Is Nora going to lose her old friend?

#2 Class Crush (1987)

All of the eighth grade girls seem to have developed a crush on their English teacher.

#3 The Day the Eighth Grade Ran the School (1987)

Sometimes, people just don’t appreciate things until they’re responsible for making them work well.  A taste of responsibility helps the eighth graders to better appreciate their school and teachers.

#4 How Dumb Can You Get? (1987)

Nora is good at shop class, but a friend advises her to play dumb to get the attention of the boy she likes.

#5 Eighth Grade to the Rescue

#6 Eighth Grade Hero?

#7 Those Crazy Class Pictures (1987)

Someone is taking pictures of students in the eighth grade and posting them all over school.  Who is the mysterious photographer?

#8 Starring the Eighth Grade (1988)

When some of the eighth graders get roles in the high school production of Grease, they find out that there are significant differences between people in junior high and people in senior high.

#9 Who’s the Junior High Hunk? (1988)

The school gets a new foreign exchange student, the glamorous Monique from France.  While most of the other students admire Monique’s sophisticated style, they are also surprised at her interest in class nerd Jason.  What’s the appeal?

#10 The Big Date

Jen has a crush on Steve but doesn’t know how to get his attention until she gets some surprising advice from her grandmother.

#11 The Great Eighth Grade Switch (1988)

#12 Revolt of the Eighth Grade

When their school has a chance of winning the Model School contest, Nora and Jen try to make changes to ensure that they will get the reward.  However, these changes end up driving their classmates to the point of rebellion.

#13 Who’s Haunting the Eighth Grade (1988)

The class takes a trip to see a live performance of Shakespeare’s MacBeth, but when they are stranded during a storm, they have to find a place to spend the night in a small town.  They end up staying at a bed and breakfast that might be haunted.

#14 Junior High Private Eyes

#15 The Night the Eighth Grade Ran the Mall