Eleven-year-old Kelly McCoy has adventures with her two best neighborhood friends, Jennifer Jackson and Adelaide Borseman.  They live on Hopper Street in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  The adventures center around the girls’ friendship and their relationships with other people around them.

Kelly also has two younger siblings, a brother named Ben and a sister named Samantha.  Their father is a dentist.

Written by Linda Gondosch.

Books in the Series:

Who Needs a Bratty Brother? (1985)

Kelly is sick of her annoying, bratty brother, Ben.  Is there anything that she can do to get rid of this pest?

The Witches of Hopper Street (1986)

The three friends decide to become witches and use “magic spells” to get revenge on another girl who didn’t invite them to her Halloween party.

Who’s Afraid of Haggerty House? (1987)

When Kelly tries to sell Christmas cards to Mrs. Haggerty in her spooky house, which is rumored to be haunted, she makes an unexpected friend.