This series is about two best friends, elementary school students Polly Butterman and Jillian Matthews, better known as Peanut and Jilly.  When the two girls first meet, they don’t like each other, but they end up becoming best friends.  Their adventures center around their friendship and their friends at school.  The girls have a rivalry with another girl named Jennifer, who is in a different class at school.

Books in the Series:

#1 New Friends

At first, the new girl at school, Polly, seems to be the complete opposite of Jillian, but the two may surprise each other at how well they can get along.

#2 Peanut and Jilly Forever

When Peanut and Jilly get too competitive, their teacher finds a way to help them understand each other better.

#3 The Haunted House

The haunted house party the girls throw for Jilly’s un-birthday might actually be haunted!

#4 Trouble at Alcott School

What happened to Erin’s gold locket?

#5 Not Starring Jilly

Jilly is shy and doesn’t like the idea of being on stage, but is there another way that she can participate in the school play?

#6 Peanut in Charge

The girls babysit for a set of twins, but it turns out to be a bigger responsibility than they’d imagined.

#7 The Friendship Test

Peanut and Jilly create a quiz to test how compatible people are with their friends, but they discover that the results of the quiz don’t agree with real life friends.

#8 Two Friends Too Many

When an old friend of Peanut’s comes to visit, Jilly feels left out of the fun.

#9 Alcott Library is Falling Down