The Pee Wee Scouts are a junior scouting troop of elementary school children in the second grade, a mixture of boys and girls. The kids in the story are in Troop 23, and their leader is Mrs. Peters. Mrs. Peters has a baby son, Nick, and her dog, Lucky, is the troop’s mascot. There are eleven children in the troop:

  • Lisa Ronning
  • Tim Noon – A bit of a troublemaker. Often doesn’t have a good deed to report when the other kids report their good deeds.
  • Roger White
  • Molly Duff – Mary Beth’s best friend.
  • Mary Beth Kelly – Molly’s best friend.
  • Sonny Betz – The other kids often think of Sonny as a bit of a baby, but that’s largely because his mother is overprotective. While other kids tease him, Molly never does, so Sonny thinks of Molly as his best friend. Sometimes, Sonny gets mean and acts out when he’s upset about something. Sonny’s mother is the assistant Scout leader.
  • Tracy Barnes
  • Patty Baker – Kenny’s twin sister.
  • Kenny Baker – Patty’s twin brother.
  • Rachel Meyers
  • Kevin Moe

The scouts have a special song that is set to the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm:

Scouts are helpers, Scouts have fun
Pee Wee, Pee Wee Scouts!
We Sing and play when work is done,
Pee Wee, Pee Wee Scouts!
With a good deed here,
and an errand there,
Here a hand, there a hand,
Everywhere a good hand.
Scouts are helpers, Scouts have fun
Pee Wee, Pee Wee Scouts!
We love our country
And our home,
Our school and neighbors too.
As Pee Wee Scouts
We pledge our best
In everything we do.

The adventures in the story focus on different scouting activities and badges that the kids have to earn.

The author of the series is Judy Delton, who has also written other books for children, including the Kitty series, the Angel series, and the Lee Henry books.

Books in the Series:

#1 Cookies and Crutches (1988)

#2 Camp Ghost-Away (1988)

#3 Lucky Dog Days (1988)

#4 Blue Skies, French Fries (1988)

#5 Grumpy Pumpkins (1988)

#6 Peanut-Butter Pilgrims (1988)

#7 A Pee Wee Christmas (1988)

#8 That Mushy Stuff (1989)

#9 Spring Sprouts (1989)

#10 The Pooped Troop (1989)

#11 The Pee Wee Jubilee (1989)

#12 Bad, Bad Bunnies (1990)

#13 Rosy Noses, Freezing Toes (1990)

Mrs. Peters’s antique vase disappears, and the kids prepare to earn their music badges before Christmas. Sonny is distressed that his mother is forcing him to learn to play the violin.

#14 Sonny’s Secret (1991)

#15 Sky Babies (1991)

#16 Trash Bash (1991)

#17 Pee Wees on Parade (1992)

#18 Lights, Action, Land-Ho! (1992)

#19 Piles of Pets (1993)

#20 Fishy Wishes (1993)

#21 Pee Wees on Skis (1993)

#22 Greedy Groundhogs (1994)

#23 All Dads on Deck (1994)

#24 Tricks and Treats (1994)

#25 Pee Wees on First (1995)

#26 Super Duper Pee Wee! (1995)

#27 Teeny Weeny Zucchinis (1995)

#28 Eggs with Legs (1996)

#29 Pee Wee Pool Party (1996)

#30 Bookworm Buddies (1996)

#31 Moans and Groans and Dinosaur Bones (1997)

#32 Stage Frightened (1997)

#33 Halloween Helpers (1997)

#34 Planet Pee Wee (1998)

#35 Pedal Power (1998)

#36 Computer Clues (1998)

#37 Wild, Wild West (1999)

#38 Send in the Clowns (1999)

#39 Molly for Mayor (1999)

#40 A Big Box of Memories (2000)