A group of neighborhood friends living in St. Louis start their own newspaper, using a treehouse as their headquarters.

All of the kids who work on the paper are girls:

Amy Evans – The one who started the paper, inspired by a class trip to a local newspaper office. I remember that she also had a habit of looking at things in catalogues when she wanted to relax.

Erin Valdez – An athletic girl

Leah Fox – An artistic girl

Robin Ryan – A spirited girl. She was a cheerleader for awhile but mostly because her sisters convinced her that she should be. When she realized that she really didn’t enjoy it, she quit so that she could have more time to work on the paper.

One of the reporters Amy met on her field trip also happens to live in their neighborhood, so she helps them in setting up their newspaper.

The book that I remember best from this series is the one where Erin’s friend, Daphne, joins the paper with an advice column and offers the wrong advice to a girl who is concerned that her father is an alcoholic. Amy steps in to offer better advice.

Books in the Series:

#1 Under 12 Not Allowed (1989)

Around the time that the girls get the idea to start their own newspaper, a boy is accused of shoplifting from a local drugstore. When the store owner makes a rule that children under 12 won’t be allowed in without an accompanying adult, the girls write an article about the story. In the process, they discover some unethical business dealings in their community.

#2 The Kickball Crisis (1989)

Erin likes to play kickball, but the girls have heard that the field where they play might be sold to build a fast food restaurant. Then, they notice that someone has started fixing up the field with new sports equipment. Will the field really be sold, and who is making these improvements for the children?

#3 Spaghetti Breath (1989)


#4 First Course: Trouble (1990)


#5 Daphne Takes Charge (1990)

Daphne, a friend of Erin’s from California, is visiting and joins the girls’ paper as an advice columnist. Amy feels like Daphne is undermining her leadership of the paper, but matters come to a head when someone asks Daphne for advice about something really serious, and Daphne offers the wrong advice.

#6 The Press Mess (1990)

A rival paper is stealing readership from The Treehouse Times by printing gossip stories.

#7 Rats! (1990)


#8 The Great Rip-Off (1990)


#9 Stinky Business (1991)