This series of picture books presents life in different historical periods from the point of view of children living in those periods.  The children take readers through the everyday details of their lives, but they also have adventures.  At the end of each book is a section that explains more about the period of history in the story.

Although these are picture books, the reading level is higher than beginning reader.

Books in the series:

Castle Diary

Eleven-year-old Tobias Burgess goes to live in his uncle’s castle, where he serves as a page and begins the training that will eventually allow him to become a knight.

Pirate Diary

Jake goes to sea with his uncle, but the ship he is on is captured by pirates, and he finds himself part of a pirate crew!

Egyptian Diary

Nakht, who is a boy studying to be a scribe, and his sister Tamyt help their father to track down tomb robbers.

Roman Diary

When Iliona and her family are on their way from Greece to Egypt, their ship is suddenly attacked by pirates.  Her parents are killed, and she and her brother are captured and sold into slavery in Rome.