This is a non-fiction series of picture books about aspects of daily life in America during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Some of the pictures are from living history museums.  Most of the titles in the series speak for themselves.  They’re great introductions for learning how people lived in the past!

Books in the Series:

The Gristmill

Home Crafts

The Kitchen

Visiting a Village

A Colonial Town: Williamsburg

Tools and Gadgets

Colonial Crafts

This book explains about craftsmen in Colonial America and how they learned and practiced their trades.

Old Time Toys

Games from Long Ago

About children’s games from the 19th century.

Children’s Clothing of the 1800s

The Victorian Home

In the Barn

Life on a Plantation

Spanish Missions

19th Century Girls and Women

Colonial Life

18th Century Clothing

19th Century Clothing

Fort Life

A Child’s Day

Customs and Traditions

Settler Sayings

A One-Room School

Victorian Christmas

The General Store

About 19th century general stores and the role they played in their communities.

Pioneer Projects

Colonial Home

Travel in the Early Days

Pioneer Recipes

Schoolyard Games

Classroom Games