Kate Waters is the author of a series focusing on historical reenactors, showing them acting out the lives of real children who lived in Colonial America.  Probably the best known book in the series is the first one, Sarah Morton’s Day.  Others show other pilgrim children. One of them focuses on a girl who lived at the time of the American Revolution, and there’s another about a Native American boy.  Some of the books show a typical day in the children’s lives, and some show specific events with historical relevance.

Books in the Series:

Sarah Morton’s Day

The girl playing the part of Sarah Morton at Plimoth Plantation takes readers through a typical day in her life.

Samuel Eaton’s Day

A young boy at Plimoth Plantation is pleased that he is finally old enough to help his father with the harvest and is eager to prove that he can work as hard as any man.

Tapenum’s Day

A young Wampanoag boy is disappointed that he hasn’t been chosen for special training and looks for a way to improve his chances of being chosen in the future.

On the Mayflower

Giving Thanks

Two boys, one from the Wampanoag and one an English colonist, tell the story of the feast that started the tradition of Thanksgiving in America.

Mary Geddy’s Day

A girl playing the part of Mary Geddy at Colonial Williamsburg shows the kind of life a girl at the beginning of the American Revolution lived.