These stories are about the author’s experiences growing up in a small town in Vermont during the 1920s and the escapades he had with his best friend, Soup.  His friend’s real name was Luther Wesley Vison, but he always hated that name.  Because Luther refused to come home whenever his mother called his name for dinner, his mother took to just yelling, “Soup’s on!” when she wanted him to come home to eat.  After that, everyone else just started calling him “Soup”, which he liked a lot better than “Luther.”

Rob (the author) and Soup have a reputation for getting into trouble, but they’re always there for each other, whatever happens!

Books in the Series:


This is a series of short stories about Soup and the things that he and Rob do together, whether it’s getting into trouble or just having fun playing football.

Soup & Me

Soup for President

Soup’s Drum

Soup on Wheels

Soup in the Saddle

Soup’s Goat

Soup on Ice

Soup on Fire

Soup’s Uncle

Soup’s Hoop

Soup in Love

Soup Ahoy

Soup 1776