The Crazy Cousin Courtney series by Judi Miller is about thirteen-year-old Cathy Bushwick and her cousin, Courtney Green, who is the same age.  It all starts when Courtney comes to visit Cathy one summer in New York while her parents are considering divorce.  Courtney’s parents are wealthy, so she’s used to expensive things, and she loves excitement.  She wants to be an actress when she grows up and change her name to Tiffany.  There are some serious moments in the stories because Cathy and Courtney discuss Courtney’s parents’ divorce (Cathy’s parents are already divorced, so she understands) and the fact that Courtney suffers from anxiety issues, which is part of the reason for her unpredictable behavior (this gets less as the books go on).

Mostly, the books are about the girls’ adventures as Courtney gets them into trouble by following sudden whims and championing unexpected causes (sometimes for the wrong reason).  Their escapes always end happily, though, because Courtney has some unbelievable good luck and a surprisingly good understanding of people.  Cathy is a shy, sensible girl who tries (usually unsuccessfully) to restrain her cousin’s impulses, but along the way Courtney helps Cathy to get out of her shell, have a little fun, and appreciate the possibilities that life has to offer.  The girls bond over the series, and each of them is changed for the better.

CousinCourtneyMy Crazy Cousin Courtney

The first book in the series, when Courtney first visits New York.  This book has more serious moments in it, dealing with the girls’ emotions at changes in their lives.

CousinCourtneyBackMy Crazy Cousin Courtney Comes Back

Cathy goes to visit Courtney in California.  This book is mostly for fun, and Courtney teaches Cathy that sometimes life does have happy endings.

CousinCourtneyReturnsMy Crazy Cousin Courtney Returns Again

Courtney gets a part in a movie filming in New York and returns to stay with her cousin Cathy.  The girls are up to their usual escapades, but they encounter a mystery.  Who is that mysterious woman following Cathy around?

My Crazy Cousin Courtney Gets Crazier.

Courtney ends up going to school in New York with Cathy because she lands a role in another movie which will be shooting there during the fall.