The Herdmans are the worst kids in town!  They’re bullies and thieves, and chaos follows them wherever they go.  Their father left their family a long time ago, and their mother works all the time, so the six Herdman kids are on their own most of the time, giving them plenty of opportunity to cause trouble.

Although most of the other kids think the Herdmans are awful, they have to admit that they do have a way of making life more interesting for everyone around them.  The stories are narrated by a girl named Beth, who is a classmate of Imogene Herdman.  Beth’s mother is the woman in charge of the Christmas pageant in the first book, and Beth’s younger brother, Charlie, is often a victim of Leroy Herdman, who steals things from his lunch.

There are only three books in the series:

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Herdmans unexpectedly show up at Sunday school (mostly to raid the snacks) and become interested in the Christmas pageant.  What will happen when the Herdmans decide that they want the starring roles?

The Best School Year Ever

When the students are asked to list good qualities about their classmates, what will Beth find to say about Imogene Herdman?  After everything she and her wild siblings have done, it’s no easy task!  But, perhaps, there is more to Imogene than just being, well, a Herdman.

The Best Halloween Ever

Every year, the Herdmans steal and bully other kids out of their Halloween candy.  When the adults decide that Halloween is too destructive and that trick-or-treating will be replaced by a well-supervised (boring), school Halloween party, the Herdmans surprisingly come to the rescue!