Michael and his younger brother, Norman, share a room, but it’s not a peaceful arrangement.  Norman is a neat freak, and Michael likes things messy.  Michael’s always saving random things that might turn out to be useful later, although how useful they are is questionable because it’s hard to even find things.  Michael also likes sending away for random things in the mail, like toys that require him to save a certain number of box tops.  Often, by the time these things arrives, he’s forgotten what he sent away for.

One day, Michael gets a couple of seeds in the mail that he doesn’t remember sending away for.  He plants one himself and gives one to his brother to plant.  The seeds come with a set of instructions, but Michael soon loses them, and the boys are left to care for their plants themselves.  Norman is very regular in his habits, watering his plant daily with his squirt gun and giving it the proper amount of plant food.  Michael is more experimental, dumping plant food on his plant haphazardly and even giving it bits of human food from time to time.  The boys have fun with their plants, treating them like pets, but soon, it becomes obvious that these aren’t normal plants.

Eventually, they discover that both of their plants are eating socks from their room at night.  Michael’s plant (which he names Stanley) only likes dirty socks, while Norman’s (named Fluffy) prefers clean ones.  Over time, other people learn about the plants, and the plants acquire more of an ability to move around on their own.

Books in the Series:

The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks

Michael gets a couple of mysterious plant seeds in the mail which grow sock-eating plants.

The Return of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks

The family takes their weird sock-eating plants on vacation as they travel in an RV and encounter a scientist who might be interested in studying Stanley and Fluffy.

The Escape of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks

Stanley and Fluffy are now able to move around on their own, using skateboards and spread their seeds around town.

The Secret of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks

Michael and Norman may have to get rid of Stanley and Fluffy!

More Adventures of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks

Michael and Norman take their plants with them on an overnight trip to the natural history museum.

The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Goes Up in Space

The boys’ school is studying space flight missions, and Fluffy and Stanley become part of an experiment on a space shuttle.  Stanley gets sent on a flight with astronauts.

The Mystery of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks

When a book Michael is reading and a valuable plant are stolen, the boys and their plants team up to solve the mystery!

The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Gets a Girlfriend

A botanist who is friends with the boys brings them a third plant, a female one, which joins them on their adventures.

The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Goes Hollywood

There is a movie being made in town, and Stanley and Fluffy get roles as background plants.