The Wayside School series by Louis Sachar is about a school that was accidentally built sideways. Instead of being a one-story school with thirty classrooms all in a row, Wayside School is a thirty-story school with only one classroom on each floor (the compensation is the extra-large playground).  Also, they accidentally left off the 19th story.  Strange things happen at the school.  Even stranger ones happen on the non-existent 19th story (which is home to various imaginary characters and the non-existent Miss Zarves, who is their teacher).  But, the stories mostly focus on the kids on the top floor of the school, which is Mrs. Jewls’s class.

Each of the books contains thirty short stories, like the school (ha, ha!), and there are stories that focus on each of the children in Mrs. Jewls’s class.  It would take awhile to describe them all, but just as the school isn’t normal, none of the teachers or students is, either.  The author of the series appears in the stories as Louis the yard teacher, who supervises the kids on the playground and does other odd jobs around the school.

WaysideSideways Stories From Wayside School

Mrs. Jewls takes over the class on the 30th story of Wayside School after the previous teacher, Mrs. Gorf, accidentally turned herself into an apple.

WaysideFallingWayside School is Falling Down

Mrs. Jewls’s class gets a new student, and everyone learns strange lessons as only Wayside School can teach them.  Is the school really in danger of falling down?

WaysideStrangerWayside School Gets a Little Stranger

While Mrs. Jewls takes a leave of absence to have her baby, the kids get a series of weird substitutes.

SidewaysArithmeticSideways Arithmetic from Wayside School

This is a puzzle book that accompanies the main series.