I have a number of mystery series described on this blog, so I thought that I’d set aside a special area to put the order of the books in each series.  Sometimes my blog posts are out of order by mistake or because I didn’t have a copy of a certain book at the time when I was talking about the rest of the series it belongs to.

I’ve put the various series I’ve covered into different categories.  This section will probably expand later as I add more series.

Spooky Mystery Series

These are mystery series with spooky themes.  Many of them are Pseudo-Ghost Stories.

“Boy Detective” Series

Series where clever and daring boys and young men solve the cases!  Includes some vintage mysteries.

“Girl Detective” Series

Series where brave, intelligent girls and young women solve the mysteries!  Includes some vintage mysteries.

Detective Families

Siblings and cousins who solve cases together.

Detective Clubs and Friends

Many detectives solve their cases as teams with friends, and sometimes, they even form clubs and businesses for their investigations.

Animal Detectives

Aunt Eater Series

An anteater solves mysteries for her animal friends.

Basil of Baker Street Series

Basil is a mouse who lives with Sherlock Holmes and solves cases just like he does. By Eve Titus.

Historical Mystery Series

Adventures of the Northwoods

A series of Christian-themed mysteries for children that takes place on a farm in Wisconsin during the early 20th century. 1990-1994.

American Girl History Mysteries

A series of mysteries featuring girls from different periods of American history.

Mandie Books

A historical mystery series with Christian themes that takes place in turn-of-the-century South Carolina.  Amanda Shaw is an orphan with a mysterious past but who finds a new life with relatives she had never met.  By Lois Gladys Leppard.

The Samurai Detective Series

The adopted son of a famous judge helps him to solve mysteries in feudal Japan.  Not a series for young children!  By Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler.

Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries

Mystery books for kids that give readers the chance to analyze the clues and solve the mystery themselves before the characters in the story do.

Vintage Mysteries

I have created a separate page for Vintage Mysteries, which are mystery series written in the 1950s and earlier.  Some of these series continued for many decades.  Some of them are old enough to be considered public domain now.

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