Most people know this series because of the Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective, but the movie was very different from the books.

The series, written by Eve Titus, features a mouse named Basil who lives in the home of Sherlock Holmes and studies his methods, becoming a detective who solves problems for his fellow mice.  Like the original Sherlock Holmes stories, Basil’s cases are narrated by his best friend, another mouse named Dr. David Q. Dawson, who accompanies Basil on his investigations.  Some aspects of Basil’s cases resemble details from Sherlock Holmes stories.

In one of the books, they mention that Basil’s cousin is Anatole, another mouse in another series by the same author.

Books in the Series:

Basil of Baker Street

The first book in the series, which introduces Basil and Dawson and explains how they came to make their home at 221B Baker Street.  The mystery involves a set of kidnapped twins.

Basil and the Lost Colony

Basil and the Pygmy Cats

Basil in Mexico

Basil in the Wild West