Ernestine Jones, aka Eagle-Eye Ernie, became a detective after she and her parents moved from Newport News, Virginia, to White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  She solves mysteries at her school and around her new town with the help of her friends: William, Michael, and R.T. (Rachel).  They call themselves the Martians because Michael is interested in outer space and likes calling everyone a Martian.

This is a good mystery series for early elementary school students who are just beginning to get into chapter books.  It’s pretty easy reading, and all of the books have nice black-and-white drawings.

Eagle-Eye Ernie Comes to Town

When Ernie first moves to her new town, the other kids suspect her of being a thief because someone has started stealing things from lunches at their school.  Can Ernie find the real thief and prove her innocence?

The Bogeyman Caper

Ernie and her friends investigate a spooky old house and its mysterious inhabitant.  Is it really the Bogeyman?

The Tap Dance Mystery

Marcie’s tap shoes disappear while the kids are practicing their act for the Parents’ Night talent show.  Ernie tries to find them before Parents’ Night and to clear the name of an innocent person.

The Spooky Sleepover

Ernie holds a sleepover for her friends shortly before Halloween, and one of them insists that her house is haunted by an old witch and her cats.

The Spy Code Caper

The Campfire Ghosts

The Green Magician Puzzle

The 123 Zoo Mystery

Strange things are happening in Room 123 at school.  Who is letting all these animals loose and why?