Twelve-year-old Flee Jay (short for Felice Jennifer) Saylor wants to be a detective, just like in the books she’s read, but her pretty younger sister is a child genius who has more aptitude for it. Clarice is somewhat eccentric for a ten-year-old, but she is also intelligent and logical and has a memory for details and obscure facts. Throughout the series, the two of them kind of compete to solve mysteries. Although Clarice usually comes up with the solution before Flee Jay, it usually takes the two of them together to get to the bottom of things because Flee Jay is an average kid who behaves like an average kid and helps Clarice understand how average people behave.

There are three books in the series, written by Carol Farley. Carol Farley has also written other mystery books for children.

The Case of the Vanishing Villain

VanishingVillainFlee Jay and Clarice are taking a ferry across Lake Michigan by themselves to visit their grandparents when they hear that an escaped convict might try to stow away on the ferry.  At first, they doubt that the convict could have sneaked aboard, but then a woman screams that there was a strange man hiding in her room.  The convict is on the boat, but where?

The Case of the Lost Lookalike

LostLookalikeThe girls are spending the summer at a lake with their aunt when people start claiming that Clarice is a lookalike for a young girl who disappeared in that area around 40 years ago.  What happened to the girl all those years ago, and does Clarice really resemble her?

The Case of the Haunted Health Club

HauntedHealthClubFlee Jay and Clarice visit a health club owned by a fortune teller and her nephew.  Strange things have been happening while they’ve been working on renovations, and the fortune teller believes that the spirits don’t want her there.