Meg Duncan’s father works for the government, so he often spends time in Washington, D.C., coming home to see Meg when he can.  Meg spends most of the time living in a small Virginia town outside of Washington.  Her mother is dead, so the housekeeper Mrs. Wilson and her husband take care of her, treating her like a young niece.  Meg likes the Wilsons, but she misses her mother and wishes that she had brothers and sisters to keep her company.  She has a pet Siamese cat named Thunder who doesn’t like anyone but Meg.

Meg’s best friend is Kerry Carmody, who lives nearby.  Kerry is much more impulsive than Meg.  She comes from a large family and loves horses and riding.

The books in the series are numbered differently, depending on the printing (according to Wikipedia).

Books in the Series:

MegDisappearingDiamondsMeg and the Disappearing Diamonds

Meg investigates the theft of diamond jewelry from a wealthy woman in town so that Kerry’s little cousin won’t be blamed.

Meg and the Secret of the Witch’s Stairway

For many years, people have believed that a hidden treasure of silver made by Paul Revere has been concealed somewhere on a farm owned by Meg’s relatives.

MegMagicCaveMystery of the Black-Magic Cave

A teacher receives threatening messages, supposedly from witches who have placed a curse on her.

Meg and the Ghost of Hidden Springs

A ghost story from Meg’s home town seems to be coming back to life.

Meg and the Treasure Nobody Saw

Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg

Meg and her friend Kerry are volunteering as reenactors at Colonial Williamsburg when some antique clothespin dolls are stolen.