Dawn Bosco, one of the kids in The Kids of the Polk Street School series, has a series of her own.  She has a detective kit, given to her by her grandmother, that she uses to turn herself into The Polka Dot Private Eye, and she solves mysteries concerning her classmates and other people around her neighborhood and summer camp.  Sometimes, she is assisted by her friend, Jason.

Books in the Series:

#1 The Mystery of the Blue Ring

Emily’s ring vanishes at school, and everyone thinks that Dawn is responsible!  She must use her detective skills to find the ring and prove her innocence.

#2 The Riddle of the Red Purse

Dawn finds a red purse, and three different people try to claim it as theirs.  Using her deductive abilities, the objects inside the purse, and some help from Jason, Dawn manages to find the right owner.

SecretPolkStreet#3 The Secret at the Polk Street School

Ms. Rooney’s class is putting on a play of Little Red Riding Hood as part of a school competition, but someone is out to sabotage it.

PowderPuff#4 The Powder Puff Puzzle

Dawn’s cat jumps into a stranger’s car, and before Dawn can do anything, the car drives away!  Can Dawn track down the car and find her missing cat?

CoolItchKid#5 The Case of the Cool-Itch Kid

Dawn finds a mystery when she goes off to summer camp.  Someone has stolen some of the things her grandmother gave her as a present for her trip to camp!

#6 The Trail of the Screaming Teenager

A teenager on the beach is missing her necklace.  Can Dawn find it and claim the reward?

#7 The Clue at the Zoo

Dawn and Jill worry that their visit to the zoo will be spoiled when they find out that Dawn’s grandmother is going to be baby-sitting for the awful Arno.  Then, they find a couple of mysteries. First, they find a mysterious notebook that looks like it’s covered in poison.  Then, Arno disappears!

#8 Garbage Juice for Breakfast

Dawn is back at summer camp, and there’s a treasure hunt to solve.  Can she solve the puzzle before Lizzie?