The Sarah Capshaw mysteries are told from the point of view of Clark Lannigan, whose parents own a diner called Lannigan’s Miracle Diner in Wilsonburg, a small town just outside Pittsburgh. His best friends are Frederick “Frog” Fenniman, who is a member of the school’s debate team and owns a dog named Churchill, and Sarah Capshaw, who wants to be an undercover police officer when she grows up. Ever since Sarah came to their town, they have been getting involved with the mysteries that she uncovers.

At times, Clark and Frog get annoyed with Sarah’s tendency to pull in them into odd mysteries, which often have some supernatural themes (ghosts and monsters) but in the end, have other explanations.  Clark and Frog sometimes find these adventures scary, but they have to admit that Sarah makes their lives much more exciting.  While they’re content to do normal kid things in their small town, Sarah seeks out excitement and puzzles to solve.

One of the fun things about this series is the cast of eccentric characters, including the head of the town’s psychic research society and the young aspiring astronomer who lives in the house by the cemetery with his mother.  Sarah herself is pretty eccentric, too!

oneghostOne Ghost Too Many

Strange things are happening at Maplewood Manor, the oldest and spookiest house in town.  The new girl in town, Sarah, decides that she’s going to investigate and persuades her new friends to help her.  Could the house really be haunted?

toyingwithdangerToying With Danger

Sarah and her friends investigate a odd toy inventor who lives on a farm outside of town and learn about industrial spies.

cemeteryhillTerror on Cemetery Hill

Randall, a new boy in town whose mother is the new cemetery caretaker, asks Sarah and her friends to help him investigate the monster that he saw in the cemetery one night.