“Queer” as in strange, weird, mysterious.  No other sense of the word!

Two friends, Gwen and Jill, solve mysteries with the help of Jill’s dog, Fletcher.  Fletcher is a basset hound, and although he is frequently lazy and obsessed with salami, he is lovable and sometimes leads the girls to things that will help solve their mysteries.  Gwen wears braces and has a tendency to tap them when she’s deep in thought.

The pictures really make this cute mystery series!

Books in the Series:

Something Queer is Going On

Something Queer at the Ball Park

Something Queer at the Library

Something Queer on Vacation

Something Queer at the Haunted School

Something Queer at the Lemonade Stand

SQRockSomething Queer in Rock ‘n’ Roll

Gwen and Jill form a band with some friends and enter a rock song contest.  However, their act depends on Fletcher, and suddenly, he’s missing!

Something Queer at the Scary Movie

Something Queer in Outer Space

SQBirthdaySomething Queer at the Birthday Party

Someone has stolen all of the presents from Gwen’s surprise birthday!

SQCafeteriaSomething Queer in the Cafeteria

The Mean Cafeteria Lady their school seems determined to blame Jill and Gwen for everything that’s been going wrong in the cafeteria, but who is really responsible?

SQWestSomething Queer in the Wild West

Gwen and Jill investigate a haunted barn on Gwen’s uncle’s ranch in New Mexico.