J. Huntley English is an extremely intelligent boy, but he has a rather bizarre hobby: he’s a cryptozoologist.  In simple terms, Huntley believes that monsters are real and wants to find some.  He studies monsters constantly and calls himself a Monster Hunter.  Although there doesn’t seem like much monster-hunting potential in Pennsylvania, there are times when kids in his town consult him about strange phenomena and ask him to investigate, including bossy Verna Wilkes and Huntley’s best friend, Raymond Almond, who narrates the stories.

The series is similar to Scooby-Doo in the sense that the monsters that Huntley and Raymond investigate turn out to have other explanations, but Huntley never gives up hope that one day the monsters will turn out to be real!  The stories are told with humor, and are a lot of fun to read.  Some parts of the books might seem a little dated, like the older style of movie cameras and the book where the Cold War figures into the plot, but they make me happily nostalgic.

Books in the Series:

horribleswampmonsterThe Case of the Horrible Swamp Monster

While Raymond is taking part in a class film project when he and another classmate realize that they’ve seen something strange in the swamp where they were filming.  Could it be a real swamp monster?

wanderingwerewolfThe Case of the Wandering Werewolf

A boy who loves animals and has been disarming animal traps in the woods thinks that he’s seen a werewolf, and the werewolf might just be the local bully.

VisitingVampireThe Case of the Visiting Vampire

The local theater is putting on a special Dracula play in honor of their visiting artist, an actor from Romania, but the actor behaves strangely and Verna and Raymond are starting to wonder if he might be an actual vampire.