Not all of these picture books are really for very young children.  Picture books are books where the pictures feature prominently, even more so than the text, and although they are most often for young children who either can’t read or who have only very basic reading skills, some of them can be for older children because the artistry of the pictures is the best way to tell the story.

There is a mixture here of picture books for young children and more artistic ones for older children.  I explain under each which is which.

Cranberry Books

Maggie, her grandmother, and Mr. Whiskers the sailor have adventures in the small town of Cranberryport.  By Wende and Harry Devlin.

Creepies Series

A spooky little series of stories about different children and the monster stories they invent and tell each other.  It’s fun to be scared!  By Rose Impey.

Kate Waters Books

Kate Waters is the author of a series focusing on historical reenactors, showing them acting out the lives of real children who lived in Colonial America.