Not all of these picture books are really for very young children.  Picture books are books where the pictures feature prominently, even more so than the text, and although they are most often for young children who either can’t read or who have only very basic reading skills, some of them can be for older children because the artistry of the pictures is the best way to tell the story.

There is a mixture here of picture books for young children and more artistic ones for older children.  I explain under each which is which.   Also, these are specifically series of picture books.  For individual picture books which are not part of a series, use the search at the top of the page, click the “picture book” category on any picture book entry, or see the picture book entries under a specific decade under Books By Decade, which lists all of the books on this site by decade.

Alexander Series

Alexander is an average boy who takes a humorous look at the problems of everyday life.

Cranberry Books

Maggie, her grandmother, and Mr. Whiskers the sailor have adventures in the small town of Cranberryport.  By Wende and Harry Devlin.

Creepies Series

A spooky little series of stories about different children and the monster stories they invent and tell each other.  It’s fun to be scared!  By Rose Impey.

Great Tales from Long Ago

This is a series of picture books about various people and events from history and legend.

Gus the Ghost Series

Gus is a friendly ghost who lives in an old house that has been turned into a museum along with his friends, a mouse, a cat, and Mr. Frizzle, who manages the museum.  By Jane Thayer.

Hugga Bunch Books

Little, doll-like people who live in a magical land on the other side of bedroom mirrors teach children lessons about love and friendship.  These books were written to accompany a series of dolls.

The Land of Pleasant Dreams

Children have dreams in which their stuffed animals come to life and teach them important life lessons.

Little Witch Series

Little Witch is a young witch in a family of witches. She is sometimes nicer than her family wishes that she would be and has adventures with her human children friends. By Deborah Hautzig.  1984-2004.

Mirette and Bellini Series

During the early 1900s, a famous tightrope walker, Bellini, loses his nerve when a fellow tightrope walker makes a mistake and falls to his death.  Living in a French boarding house, Bellini struggles with his fear, believing that he will never again be able to walk a tightrope.  Unexpectedly, he becomes friends with Mirette, the young daughter of his landlady.  She becomes his protege and helps him to regain his courage.

Miss Nelson Books

A sweet, kind schoolteacher has a substitute who is a nightmare, but they are really the same person.

Mrs. Armitage Series

Mrs. Anastasia Armitage is an adventurous, inventive woman.  She loves different modes of transportation, but she can’t resist tinkering with them, trying to improve them.

Old Black Witch Series

A witch who haunts an old house is horrified when someone buys it to turn it into a tearoom, but they end up becoming friends.  By Wende and Harry Devlin.

Peter Series

The adventures of a young African American boy growing up in New York City. By Ezra Jack Keats. 1962-1972.

Strega Nona Series

Strega Nona is a witch in a small town. Big Anthony is an assistant that she hired to help her with chores but sometimes messes up because he doesn’t know what he’s doing or doesn’t listen to what Strega Nona says.


Some of these are “creative non-fiction,” which means that factual information is presented in the form of a story.  The events of the story may not be literally true, but the story provides the opportunity to explain something about real events.

Diary Histories

This series of picture books presents life in different historical periods from the point of view of children living in those periods.  By Richard Platt.

Historic Communities

This is a non-fiction series of picture books about aspects of daily life in America during the 18th and 19th centuries.

If You Series

This non-fiction series describes to children what it would be like to live in certain periods of history or to take part in certain historical events.

Kate Waters Books

Kate Waters is the author of a series focusing on historical reenactors, showing them acting out the lives of real children who lived in Colonial America.

The Magic School Bus Series

An educational series.  Ms. Frizzle takes her students on impossible field trips in a magic school bus to teach them science lessons.