The main characters of this series are a girl named Maggie, her grandmother, and Maggie’s friend, a sailor nicknamed Mr. Whiskers because of his big, bushy beard.  They live in a seaside town called Cranberryport, which is known for producing cranberries.  Maggie’s grandmother is an excellent baker, and every book features one of her recipes for baked goods that include Cranberries.

Grandmother doesn’t always approve of Mr. Whiskers because of his unrefined manners, unkempt appearance, and tendency to sing old sea songs like “Sixteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest,” but Mr. Whiskers is a good man who genuinely cares about others, and she comes to appreciate him after he helps people in various ways, including her when he saves her secret recipe for cranberry bread from a thief in the first book.

The stories in the series mostly center around different holidays and seasons of the year, but the later Tales from Cranberryport books focus on more everyday events and include other child characters who live in the town of Cranberryport.

The authors, Wende and Harry Devlin, also wrote a number of other children’s books and series, including the Old Black Witch Series.

Books in the Series:

cranberrythanksgivingCranberry Thanksgiving

Maggie’s grandmother fiercely guards her secret recipe for cranberry bread, but she may be trying to protect it from the wrong person.

Cranberry Mystery

The thefts of antiques around town lead Maggie and Mr. Whiskers on a dangerous search to find the thieves!

Cranberry Halloween

On Halloween night, mysterious thieves dressed as pirates attempt to steal money collected to build a new dock for Cranberryport.

CranberryChristmasCranberry Christmas

Mr. Whiskers’s neighbor tries to claim ownership of the pond between their houses, keeping skaters away while Mr. Whiskers struggles to prove that the pond is actually his.  Meanwhile, Mr. Whiskers’s sister is trying to convince him to come live with her.

Cranberry Valentine

Cranberry Birthday

Cranberry Summer

CranberryAutumnCranberry Autumn

Maggie’s grandmother and other neighbors hold a rummage sale to raise some extra money for things they need, but Mr. Whiskers’s greedy neighbor almost ruins it by trying to cheat them.

Cranberry Easter

When a friend of Mr. Whiskers wants to move away, Grandma and Maggie help persuade him to stay and continue hosting the town’s Easter celebration.

Tales from Cranberryport: Moving Day

Tales from Cranberryport: Trip to the Dentist

Tales from Cranberryport: Maggie Has a Nightmare

Tales from Cranberryport: New Baby in Cranberryport

Tales from Cranberryport: Lost at the Fair

Tales from Cranberryport: First Day of School