This creepy little series of picture books is about the power of imagination and the fun of being just a little scared.  I would be careful showing these books to young children who are easily frightened because, although the kids in the stories enjoy imagining things like invisible people, creatures in the attic, and monsters under the bed, that can be nightmare fuel for very young and sensitive children.

That being said, I enjoyed these stories when I was about seven years old because they’re the kind of slightly spooky stories told at sleepovers.  The kids in the stories know the difference between reality and fantasy, although their imaginations do run away with them sometimes, and they enjoy telling monster stories of their own creation.  Sometimes, they come up with clever ways to defeat their own monsters, adding to fun of the story.

scareyourselfScare Yourself to Sleep

Two cousins tell each other scary stories while camping out in the backyard.  It’s a contest between the two of them.  Who will end up scaring who the most?

flatmanThe Flat Man

A boy entertains himself in bed at night by making up stories about The Flat Man, a scary creature that can squeeze through cracks and get into any room he wants.  The boy imagines ways to defeat the creature he made up.

jumblejoanJumble Joan

A boy and his friend take his little sister upstairs, to their grandmother’s attic and tell her scary stories, trying to frighten her.  Imagination is a powerful thing, and they may be surprised at who ends up being the most scared.

The Ankle Grabber

A girl worries about the monster who hides under her bed at night, waiting to grab her by the ankle if she gets out of bed.  But, this monster is no match for . . . Dad!

The Flying Vampire

There is an odd little door in Grandpa’s spare room, which the boy’s uncle used to say was full of monsters.  What’s in there really?

The Midnight Ship

Two girls like to imagine that their bunk bed is actually a ship, sailing on a sea full of dangerous creatures.